The offer includes a full range of racing, karting and TUNING. We provide you with overalls, helmets, gloves, shoes, lingerie, car seats, safety belts, gear boxes, frames for your auto, fire extinguishing system, fire extinguishers, pedals, bonnet locks, or other add-ons and accessories for motorsport.
We are an authorized dealer of Slovakia SPARCO






The supplier of chassis for racing sports cars

Eibach Springs

Supplier of sporting chassis springs


Supplier of sporting air and oil filters


Ferodo Racing

Supplier of brake segments for racing cars, DS Performance pads, DS1500, DS2500, racing to endurance racing mixtures, rally ...



The supplier operating liquids sports car

Bell Helmets


The supplier of motorsport helmets


Dodávateľ závodných Kombinéz, rukavíc, topánok spodného prádla pre racing a karting


Výrobca závodných sedadiel


Výrobca športových a závodných pneumatík